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Galloway cattle are the oldest living Scottish breed - about 800 years old.


                                                          From the 2014 Australian Galloway Association Annual

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                                                        SEMEN FROM THE FOUNDATION SCOTTISH SIRES

Galloway cattle are the climate change cattle breed, 13th century cattle for 21st century needs, part of the Celtic herd of cattle.

They've adapted from the highlands of Scotland to the prairies of the Americas, the savannahs of South Africa, the steppes and tundra of Russia and from Tasmania to northern Queensland and the outback of Australia.

They are unique in the beef producing world, originating when the survival of people depended on the ruggedness and high production qualities of their cattle.

At Irrabina, we're developing Galloway cattle based on Scottish bloodlines with these traditional characteristics:

Like most cattle breeds, Galloway cattle have always come in a range of heights with a variation in type due to selective breeding and the quality of the land on which they were kept.

Smaller in height than European breeds and known as "large cattle on short legs", the Galloway doesn't require high feed intake to maintain a large frame.

At Irrabina our Galloways are developed with pure Scottish lines ranging from small to medium size, all large-framed cattle on short important characteristic of the breed.

Galloway cattle are not miniature cattle although after 800 years those at the lower height scale have been called miniature in Australia, since 1997. This is a description only and does not mean they are miniature cattle as the photos above show.

Regardless of height, Irrabina Galloways are registered as Galloways in keeping with an important and historical characteristic of the Galloway.

Galloway cattle have always been known for their tenderness and taste, their ability to marble highly off grass and to have excellent hybrid qualities for the serious commercial breeder.

In the 21st century of fast foods and feedlot forced beef, Galloway cattle represent the slow food concept of food production where bigger is not necessarily better and faster is not necessarily efficient.

At Irrabina, breeding a centuries' old breed of cattle certainly contains an element of history and reliance on the observations of earlier breeders.


In the 21st century there are also tools that can be used as part of the selection process of breeding stock and to measure the direction and success of breeding decisions.

These tools are an aid in decision making whereas intuition, a knowledge of the animals and a subjective eye are necessary to retain type, those characteristics that define the Galloway.

Australian Certified Organic certification is audited yearly.
Gene Mapping was done on the foundation animals and is calculated as an indication on descendants based on the foundation testing.
DNA profiling and progeny recording is done through the Australian Galloway Association.
Breedplan evaluations are calculated yearly using the International Breedplan Recording Services.
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Structural scoring was done on the foundation animals by an independent assessor (PBBA) and visual assessment of their descendants is done by Irrabina.
The Galloway Cattle Co-Operative is a start up idea of Galloway breeders to promote Galloway cattle and support the breeders of these cattle.


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