IRRABINA PEDIGREE AND PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE                                       established 1999

Herd Index                                                                                    

Family Lines: SB WL AM AT
Irrabina Generation: 2

Herd Rank

                                                                Chocolate Soldier (Dun)
                                           Soldier Boy (Dun) (Irrabina Foundation Sire)
                                                                Sally (Dun)
           Sire:   Irrabina AT Soldier B8 (Dun)
                                                                Bukalong Foundation Sire
                                           Thumbelina (Black) (Irrabina Foundation Dam)
                                                                Bukalong Foundation Dam

                                                                Bukalong Foundation Sire
                                           Whisky Lad (Dun) (Irrabina Foundation Sire)
                                                                Bukalong Foundation Dam
           Dam:  Irrabina WL Amber C2 (Black)
                                                                Chocolate Soldier (Dun)
                                           Amber W21 (Black) (Irrabina Foundation Dam)
                                                                Amber (Dun)

Structural Assessment

Identification           E1
Sex                           Male
Date of birth            8/2/09
Colour                      Black

NLIS Tag NB022959XBC00080

Type Assessment