IRRABINA PEDIGREE AND PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE                                       established 1999

       Herd Index                                                                                    

Scottish Generation Indicator: 0.75
Family Lines: CQ CV MK QT SK
Irrabina Generation: 1

Herd Rank

                                          Plascow Uppermost (36087 GHBUK) (Black)
                                Grange Yardstick (37581 GHBUK) (Black)
                                          Grange Charity 97th (79291 GHBUK) (Black)
Sire:   Grange Covenanter (40861 GHBUK) (Black) (Irrabina Foundation Sire)
                                          Knocknarling Lucky Times (32179 GHBUK) (Black)
                                Grange Charity 117th (89324 GHBUK) (Black)
                                          Grange Charity 101st (79295 GHBUK) (Black)

                                          Sundance Kid of Glenturk (40548 GHBUK) (Dun)
                                                                                                   (Irrabina Foundation Sire)
                                Andy Mook (Dun)
                                          Andamooka (Irrabina Foundation Dam) (Black)
Dam:   Quest A8 (Black)
                                          Plascow Conquest (31430 GHBUK) (Black)
                                                                                                   (Irrabina Foundation Sire)
                                Quest (Irrabina Foundation Dam) (Black)
                                          Peony (Black)

Structural Assessment

Identification           E4
Sex                           Male
Date of birth            31/7/09
Colour                      Black
NLIS Tag NB022959XBC00085

Type Assessment