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Knitting balls 50 gram 8 ply 70% Mohair 30% Wool







Irrabina Mohair is known for its softness and lustrous appearance with sales in Britain, Europe, the USA and Australia.

The goats are shorn twice a year and the mohair graded into kid, young goat and adult lines by fleece length.

Once a year, the fleeces are packed in wool bales and sent to the mill for scouring, carding and spinning,
then returned to Irrabina on 1kg cones and in 50gram balls in the natural gold cream colour.

The cones are then sorted and distributed to the Irrabina Knitters who create the very individual "Heirloom of Distinction" Baby Shawl.

The knitting balls come in packs of 10 balls. AUD$55 including gst plus postage and handling.

To order your knitting balls, please contact Irrabina









"Heirloom of Distinction" Baby Shawl

The shawl is approximately 39" square and handknitted for that extra touch of quality and uniqueness and that little bit of love. This is how clothes were prepared for babies in the 'olden' days.
The yarn is a blend of 70% mohair and 30% wool, giving wonderful structure to the shawl whilst retaining the luxurious softness and lustre.
This is a quality shawl that can be passed down the generations as an "Heirloom of Distinction". The first shawl was knitted in 2001 as a gift for a family friend.
From numerous requests for shawls as gifts from friends, family members and new parents, Irrabina decided to create the shawls. We have the quality mohair and have developed a pattern that reflects the quality of the idea. AUD$250 including postage worldwide and taxes.
To order your unique shawl, please contact Irrabina.










Angora Goats






In 1985, Irrabina began breeding Angora Goats, developing the unique traits of mohair in the home flock.

The original stock formed 5 of the 12 major Irrabina female lines.

The 5 Original Female Lines






was the shy one of the flock. Her mohair was thick and luxurious and all her sons and daughters inherited long flowing ringlets with plenty of lustrous shine.
was always the bold one in the flock. Her mohair was very thick and curly and after rain would shine brilliantly. Her daughters all have the same quality mohair that stands out at shearing.
was the naughty one in the flock. We had to feed her with a bottle as a baby. Her mohair was fine and very shiny and all her babies had a special stamp of quality on their fleece.
was the original matriarch
of the flock. She had very fine mohair with
plenty of lustre and she always had twins with golden ringlets.
was the star of the flock. Her mohair stood out for its brightness and slippery feel. All her daughters have produced beautiful mohair of very high quality.





In the 21st century, the flock presented an even line of goats producing fine, stylish, lustrous and soft handling mohair, shorn twice a year and graded into kid, young goat and adult lines by fleece length.
In 1999, Irrabina was the first Australian mohair producer to grow and process mohair professionally in Australia, producing 8ply 50gram balls for knitters.
In 2003, Irrabina introduced the "Heirloom of Distinction" Mohair Baby Shawl. This luxury product is 70% mohair 30% wool, extremely soft and warm in the natural gold cream of mohair. Each shawl is individual as it is handknitted to approximately 39" square.










Steve Gapes, "Irrabina"
447 Yarrowyck Crossing,
Yarrowyck via Uralla 2358 AUSTRALIA

011 61 2 6775 5546

Irrabina is a 200 acre organically certified farm at 1,000 metres on the Gwydir River in the New England region of New South Wales Australia, breeding traditional Galloway cattle based on Scottish bloodlines.


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